Technology Change In India

What is Technological Development?

Technological development relates to essentially something with regard to inventions or innovations. Development is basically a method that takes a product or plan from a hypothesis to a usable product. additional typically than not, development is typically restarted once a product is finished, that is thought of as an example, which suggests it had been a testing to see if the technology was prepared for normal usage.

Developing Indian Economy

If necessity is the parent of invention, India’s huge population build the country fertile for Technological advancements and innovation.

The trade that’s ripe for the largest advancement in Asian country is that the technology sector. In general, this age is drifting toward mechanized and totally machine-driven systems all told areas and Asian country is on the frontlines of the movement.

The main areas are energy production and food production.

Solar power

The government of Asian country began a campaign of implementing a national solar power grid with a capability of generating twenty Gigawatts of electricity by the year 2022.

This target was reached and surpassed a minimum of four years prior to the planned point in time. Currently, the state of Rajasthan is that the center of the same endeavor, with comes aimed toward attaining a rise in solar power production by 750 Megawatts.

Already interested corporations bidding for the rights of fitting solar energy plants in Rajasthan are lowering the recent rates per unit consumption so as to beat their competition. people who will have the benefit of this new injection of inexperienced energy will pay less for the utility.

No doubt alternative states can soon follow within the steps of Rajasthan protected by the authorities that incorporates a new one hundred GW solar energy target.


As populations increase and viable land for farming reduces, it’s become additional and more of a challenge sustaining food security for communities. the way to counter this potential crisis has been merging technological advancements with farming strategies.

This includes introducing new strains of crops genetically changed to resist sure crop diseases and additionally to grow quicker and yield additional throughout harvest.

In addition to it, the Indian government has plans being enforced to produce air shipment support to popularize farm exports, a brand new programme for encouraging innovation and entrepreneurship in agriculture.

The Ministry of Agriculture in conjunction with Media these days cluster has organized a global exhibition on agriculture to be control in Asian country in 2019.

This exhibition is targeted the least bit varied stakeholders within the agricultural sector and can attract innovators from leading corporations and establishments around the globe

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