Cartoons That Were Enjoyed By All

Some cartoons can never be replaced and here we will talk about those cartoons which made our childhood very entertaining and joyful. Let’s have a look at some of the best shows from the 90s era.

Scooby Doo

This american cartoon was enjoyed by all the children of the 90s era. A talking great dane who loves to eat scooby snacks, afraid of ghosts and best friend of Shaggy. Scooby doo and his team solved the mysteries of many people in every new episode and as a child we loved watching the ghost mysteries. 5 members in a bright green coloured mystery van was more entertaining than many new cartoons in today’s time. The lines of theme song Scooby-Dooby-Doo Where are you? became very popular and it was enjoyed by everyone.  

Tom and Jerry

There can be no list of best cartoons without Tom and Jerry. These two characters are the most loved cartoon characters of all time which were loved not only by children but grown ups also liked them very much. How tom and jerry teased each other is the best thing to watch in our childhood. We always wanted to see the face of that lady who was the owner of Tom. We laughed a lot when Spike The Bulldog helped Jerry by beating Tom. Half and hour episode of Tom and Jerry can easily refresh your mind and make you feel lighter.


Pokemon was another most loved cartoon of the 90s children. Theme song of this cartoon was very cool and very entertaining. Everyone enjoyed this cartoon from the very first episode. As a child we all must have imagined how it would be if the pokemons were real. Not only this different types of Pokemon cards were available in the market and we all loved to collect it. Many Pokemon games were also released by Nintendo which became very popular among children. In the recent time Pokemon go was launched which became a very big hit for the company.


Beyblade is a japaese cartoon series just like Naruto, DBZ, Pokemon but the japanese people termed it as anime. It became very popular because of its unique concept and storyline. Most of the people loved Tyson, who was the main lead character of this series followed by Kai, Ray, Max and Kenny. Because of this show beyblade became very popular and it started selling in every other shop. People bought beyblades and beyblade arenas and enjoyed playing it with their friends.

Dragon Ball Z

Another Japanes anime series started long back ago which was very entertaining to watch. Main characters Goku and Vegeta were everyone’s favourite. The powers of these characters were insane and we waited every time to see Goku and Vegeta turning into Super Saiyans. Dragon Ball Z was just the starting after that many new series came and we saw something new and we saw how more and more powerful these characters became with every new series. In the last series both Vegeta and Goku becomes a Super Saiyan God and surprised all of us with their new powers.

I hope you all must have watched all these cartoons. Let me know in the comment box which one was your favourite. Thank you for reading this.

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