Best Gadgets in 2019

Many new gadgets are announced every year which is more technologically advanced than the revisu one which is more advanced than its competitors in the market. We will be discussing about some of the most common gadgets which received more love as compared to others.

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Samsung 65-inch Q9FN QLED TV

This Tv from samsung is currently the best 4k tv overall in the market. It offers many features which makes it the best among all its competitors like this Tv has the best picture quality to offer with a great 4.2 channel surround sound. This Tv from samsung has a built in Bixby support system for its users which is very responsive to all your commands. Sleek designs an OLED displays brings out a strong HDR performance and makes it stand out on top of the best Tv list to become the Best Television In The Market.

Sony Playstation 4 PRO

Playstation 4 which was launched in the year 2016 still comes in the list of best gadget you should own in the year 2019. Sony Playstation 4 is designed to bring out the best output and dbest HDR experience for all games which are of high resolution without any glitches. Playstation 4 PROis more powerful and more optimized as compared to normal Playstation 4. You get a much smoother gameplay and vest fast loading time as compared to normal PS4. Designed for 4k games this gives an additional boost to all your games.

Apple Airpods

Apple airpods released in 2016 was one of the best things at that time and still it is the best among all its competitors. Apple just announced the launch of Air-pods 2. Air-pods are wireless and bluetooth supported earbuds created by apple which delivers superb sound quality with active noise cancellation through ist built in microphone. You can talk to your personal assistant SIRI using your Airpods. Design of these airpods are very impressive as you can do many activities like running, gyming and other physical activities without any fear that your Airpods may fall somewhere. It fits really well in your ears.

Samsung Galaxy S10 Plus

Recently this year Samung came to the market launching 4 models of its flagship series to celebrate 10 years. Samsung S10E is one the best compact smartphone in the market while Samsung Galaxy S10 Plus tops the list of best smartphone of 2019 so far. Samsung’s best in class display, best camera quality, sleek and elegant design, wireless charging, huge ram and a lightning fast processor makes it the best among all other devices. This is the most premium phone from Samsung till now and it marks 16% higher sales than its previous version Samsung Galaxy S9 plus. This is the best smartphone to buy in the year 2019.

Dell XPS 13

Dell XPS 13 delivers the best performance if you are talking about the best Laptop in 2019. It has a 13.3 inch touchscreen display with a screen resolution of 3200 x 1800 pixels. It is powered by the intel core i5 6th generation processor which never fails to deliver fast results. Arm of 8 gb, clock speed of 2.3 ghz and a SSD storage of 128 gb makes it really fast. This laptop comes with a Windows 10 with a price range of 75k to 85k which may vary.

Here are some of the best gadgets for everyone. Hope you all liked this article and if you have anything to say you can comment it down in the comment box below. Thank you for reading this article.

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