Best Cuisines Of World

Italian Cuisine

When we talk about Italian dishes pizza, pasta comes to our mind but there and many more dishes in the Italian cuisine other than these two which are very tasty and very healthy to eat. Italian Cuisine is one of the most loved cuisines all over the world due to its great variety of ingredients used like tomatoes, sauces, pork, different types of cheeses, rice, potatoes, meat, corn and many other as well. In Italy, pasta is served as a first course and italian cuisine is well known for its wide variety of pastas. Italian Cuisine is also known as mother of european cuisine. 

Chinese Cuisine

Chinese cuisine needs no introduction as it is loved by all because of its flavour, aroma and by the way it looks. Chowmein is one of the most popular chinese dishes all around the world which is loved by all. Is the most popular dish in China and it is served in almost every food shop there with meat and pork in it. Chinese people basically easts more things like beef, pork, meat, mutton, pigeon but the main dish of China is Peking Duck. It is very hard for a vegetarian person to survive there because almost every chinese dish is served with some or other kind of non-veg material.

Indian Cuisine

Indian cuisine has a variety of dishes to offer which differs from state to state. There is no such national dish of India but you can enjoy a lot of dishes with lots of herbs and spices. Different cultures in India offers different food which is prepared with different mixtures and recipes. Indain street food is loved by all all over the world. Some of the best Indian foods are- Biryani, Butter Chicken, Khichdi, Daal roti and many more depends on culture and traditions. While many people are against eating the flesh of animals some people enjoy eating dishes made of animals flesh. You will see a lot of variety in Indian cuisines compared to any other cuisine in the world.

Thai Cuisine

Thai cuisine is considered to be the healthiest cuisine all around the world. A variety of fresh herbs and spices are used in thai cooking like turmeric, coriander, lemon grass, fresh chillies which are very good for boosting your immune system and protecting you from many diseases. Taste of Thai food is based on 4 types of seasonings- salt, sweet, spicy and sour, if anything is missing, you will not find it satisfying enough. Pad Thai is considered to be the national Dish of Thai Cuisine.

Mexican Cuisine

Mexican cuisine comes with colourful look, spicy taste and aroma you will never forget. Mexican food is very delicious and delightful and it is actually very tasty, vibrant, fresh and fun to eat. Mole is the National dish of mexico which is a sauce made up of onions, garlic and many other herbs and spices. You can enjoy a variety of mexican food on streets as well which includes tacos, tamales, alambres. Mexican dishes are rich with some healthy ingredients like avocados,beans, tomatoes, limes, meats which makes them healthy food.

These are some of the best cuisine all over the world if you are a food lover tell us what kind of food you like to eat. Thanks for reading this article.

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