A Trip To Las Vegas

“Las Vegas” is a beautiful city of “United States” which has a lot to offer to its visitors. It is the 28th most populated city in the United States and it’s the most populated city of “Nevada” state. This city is mainly famous for its famous and big casinos, beautiful resorts and gambling games. You can enjoy visiting here with your loved one. Nightlife in Las Vegas is very happening and you can do a lot of stuff in the night. Las vegas is said to be the Entertainment Capital of the World. It comes in the top locations of United states. The city earned the name of “Sin City” due to its adult entertainment.

Las Vegas is safe for tourists to visit, generally all the casinos are safe and you can visit them without any hesitation. This city has earned the name of gambling capital of the world and you can see many big casinos and buildings while walking down the Vegas Strip. Although Vegas is a safe city but at night vegas strip can be a little dangerous as it is a little outside the city limits. Vegas strip is a 4.2 miles long pedestrian friendly strip which is lined with hotels, casinos, restaurants and a lot of attractions on both sides. Las Vegas does not have many bike lanes and only some transportation available. It is a car dependent city.

Not only casinos this city has a lot of museums and art galleries too for its visitors. You can see a lot of museums like “Neon Museum”, “Mob Museum”, “The Discovery Children’s Museum”, “The Nevada’s state museum” and “The Las Vegas Natural History Museum”. The Downtown Arts District which was created to promote art and artisans is also a good place to visit which holds many galleries and events. There is a monthly celebration on “First Friday” of the month which includes arts, music, food and other special presentations in a Downtown region 18b.  

Las vegas is not a cheap city to visit, it is one of the most expensive tourist attractions of the world but you will definitely enjoy your trip here. There is so much fun in las vegas and fro a party animal type of person it is the best place to visit. For exploring this city you need at least 4-5 days here so that you can easily see the major attractions of the city and enjoy every bit of your time. It is easy for a working professional who is living close to this state to come and enjoy even on a small budget but for a person who is flying from a different nation like India, sri lanka or any other country which has a low currency than US dollars, it is very difficult for them to even stay for 3-4 days here. Well if you have enough money, you are surely gonna enjoy this place and love it.

Maybe is missed out on something and if you feel you have any other thoughts and suggestions in your mind you can share it with me in the comment box below. Thank you for reading this article.

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